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Astronomical Calendar. 2017

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Main Astronomical Observatory of NAS of Ukraine. — Kyiv, 2016. — 298 p., 2 p. ill. — ISBN 978-966-02-8048-9


The reference part of the annual publication contains a table calendar for 2017, information about the chronology of the calendars used by the peoples of the world, the main values ​​for the Sun, Earth, Moon, and planets, the ephemerides of the Sun, Moon and planets, the times for the sunrise and sunset as well as moonrise and moonset, the climaxes and phases of the Moon, the planetary configurations, information about visibility in the sky of major planets and Jupiter's Galilean satellites, about the bright and variable stars, on nebulae, comets, concealment of stars by the Moon and asteroids, meteor showers, eclipses and other celestial phenomena. The article describes the current state of research in individual fields of astronomy and provides information on the memorable dates in the history of astronomy and astronautics.


As a reference and guide for practical work the book can be useful to a wide range of users: specialists working in astronomy and other branches of science, teachers, students, amateur astronomers and others.

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