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Functional Materials

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Certificate of State registration of print media KB № 26 of 07.09.1993

Aims and Scope: Modern problems of materials science. The Journal is multidisciplinary and the main topics are: structure, phase transformations and properties of single crystals, ceramics, composites, nanocrystals; amorphous solids, liquid crystals, polymers; thin films, and low-dimensional systems ( superlattices,  heterostructures,  Langmuir-Blodgett films, etc.) asapplied to materials science problems; ways of creating new functional materials with present properties; modern methods of materials research.

Edition journal

Type of edition scientific

Published since 1993

Periodicity 4 times per year

ISSN 1027-5495

Language English

Founder National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Scientific and Technological Corporation "Institute of Single Crystals" of the NAS of Ukraine

Editor-in-chief V.P. Semynozhenko, Member of the NAS of Ukraine

Deputy of editor-in-chief Ye.V. Scherbina

Editorial Office: STC "Institute of Single Crystals" of the NAS of Ukraine, 60, Lenin prosp., Kharkiv, 61001, Ukraine

Tel.: (0-57) 341-0411

Fax: (0-57) 340-9341


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