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Mining. The road through the Millennium

  • Economy
  • Astronomy

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V.P. Nagornyi, V.M. Hloba

eds. V.P. Nagornyi


NAS of Ukraine; S.I. Subbotin Institute of Geophysics. - K. : Akademperiodyka, 2014. - 324 p .: 165 ill., 18 tables, 152 ref. - ISBN 978-966-360-259-2.


The questions of structure of the Earth are presented. Mineral resources and their uses are described. Information on the history and basics of mining, methods of mining, extraction of solid minerals, blasting technology, oil and gas is given. The issues of mining science and mining education, environmental protection during mining are examined. The mining theme in painting and art is reflected. A review of the main directions of development of mining in the XXI century is given.


For the general reader, especially young people, who are choosing a profession of mining profile.

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