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E004 Physical and technical problems of modern materials science: in 2 vols. - Vol 1

  • Materials
  • Physics

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Editorial Board: I.K. Pokhodnya (chairman) and others.


NAS of Ukraine. - K. : Akademperiodyka, 2013. - 583 p., 4 p. il. - ISBN 978-966-360-236-3 (vol 1); 978-966-360-235-6 (general).


The two-volume edition is devoted to actual problems of modern materials science - the creation of materials with predetermined properties, methods of their compounding and processing for use in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, instrument, aviation and space technology, tools and electronics. The current state of scientific research on these problems is examined. Its change over the last 5 years, the prospects for further development. The publication includes review articles prepared by renowned materials scientists. The first volume includes three chapters: welding processes and technology, metallurgical processes and technologies and construction materials.


For professionals working in various fields of materials science, as well as for teachers and students.

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