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E112 Galician–Volhynian Chronicle: Textology. Tolochko O.P.

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Galician–Volhynian Chronicle: Textology. Tolochko O.P.

The results of a long-term project of textological examination of a landmark chronicle of the XIII century, the Galician-Volhynian Chronicle, are presented. Methodical reading and fragmentary explanatory commentary of its text clarifies and substantiates the main milestones in the history of the chronicle: the origin of the current structure of the text; stages of its formation and their sequence; chronology of “editorial episodes”; timing of various fragments of text to certain “editorial episodes”; text sources. The book contains research, systematic commentary, word indexes for the text of the Galician–Volhynian Chronicle (according to the oldest Ipatiev list), as well as a bibliographic index of works on the Galician–Volhynian Chronicle.

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