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E087 Encyclopedia of International Law: in 3 vols. Volume 3. M-Ya

  • Law

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Eds: Yu.S. Shemshuchenko, V.N. Denisov (co-chairs) et al.


Kyiv: Akademperiodyka, 2019. — 992 р.

ISBN 978-966-360-273-8

ISBN 978-966-360-381-0 (Vol. 3)

The Encyclopedia of International Law is the first three-volume edition in Ukraine, which is a systematic collection of knowledge about the corresponding legal system. The first volume was published in 2014, and the second - in 2017. The third volume is a logical continuation of the first two. At the same time, it reflects the recent changes in the field of international law and international legal practice in Ukraine.

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Digital book: 320 uah