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E029 Dark energy and dark matter in the Universe. Volume 2

  • Physics

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Editor V. Shulga

Dark energy and dark matter in the Universe : in three volumes. — Т. 2: Dark matter: Astrophysical aspects of the problem / Shulga V.M., Zhdanov V.І., Alexandrov А.N. et al. — K.: Akademperiodyka, 2014. — 356 p. — ISBN 978-966-360-253-0 (vol. 2) ; ISBN 978-966-360-239-4 (general). — (Ukrainian scientific book in a foreign language).


This monograph is the second issue of a three-volume edition under the general title "Dark Energy and Dark Matter in the Universe". It concentrates mainly on astrophysical aspects of the dark matter and invisible mass problem including those of gravitational lensing, mass distribution, and chemical abundance in the Universe, physics of compact stars and models of the galactic evolution.

The monograph is intended for science professionals, educators and graduate students, specializing in extragalactic astronomy, cosmology and general relativity.

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Digital book: 160 uah