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E016_D009 Homo rationalis

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compilation by V.D. Litvinov


Homorationalis = Homorationalis / trans. from the Latin V.D. Litvinov; compilation byV.D. Litvinov.— K.: Akademperiodyka, 2014. — 104 p. (Conventional printed sheet 5,46; Publishing sheet 3,04). — 500 copies. — ISBN 978-966-360-269-1 ; ISBN 978-966-360-262-2 (series).


Publishing house "Akademperiodyka" of NAS of Ukraine presents popular science series by V.D. Litvinov Lingua Latina Aeterna (Latin is Eternal). The series includes translations of Latin works of XV—XVIII century national authors and thematically selected Latin sayings, jokes and curiositiesin original and translated.




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