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New books in our catalogue

We are pleased to annuonce new books in our catalogue!


Here they are:

V.V. Petrov, L. Zichun, A.A. Kryuchyn, S.M. Shanoylo, F. Minglei, Ie.V. Beliak, D.Y. Manko, A.S. Lapchuk, E.M. Morozov. Long-term storage of digital information


Andon P.I., Doroshenko A.Yu., Zhereb K.A., Yatsenko O.A. Algebra-Algorithmic Models and Methods of Parallel Programming


Scientist, Organizer, Teacher. Collection of memories about G.V. Samsonov


V.P. Babak, S.V. Babak, M.V. Myslovych, A.O. Zaporozhets, V.M. Zvaritch. Provision of Diagnostic Systems for Energy Facilities


Baryakhtar V.G., Bykovsky Ya.T., Baryakhtar I.V. Nuclear Project: Past and Present


Lavrinenko V.I. Superhard Materials: A Guide for Curious


Tomazov V.V., Dmitriyenko M.F. Patons: Family Chronicle


Gutnyk L.M. Ukrainian film posters of 1947-1994 from the collections of the V.I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine: sci. cat.


Koloda V.V., Gorbanenko S.A. Agriculture of the Khazar Khaganate in a Forest-Steppe Zone


Astronomical calendar 2019. Eds Vidmachenko A.P. et al.


National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine of Ukraine. Sergiy Ivanovych Pyrozhkov


О.А. Borysenko (Ed.). Oleksiy Vasyliovych Pogorelov


Materials Science: Achievements and Prospects: in 2 Volumes - Volume 1 / Editors: Lobanov L.M. (head) et al.


Materials Science: Achievements and Prospects: in 2 Volumes - Volume 2 / Editors: Lobanov L.M. (head) et al.

Date added: 16.03.2019

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