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Progress in Physics of Metals

  • Physics
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Certificate of State registration of print media KB № 4160 of 20.04.2000

Aims and Scope. Electronic structure, electrical, magnetic and optical properties, interaction of radiation and chatsynok with solids and liquids, the structure and properties of amorphoussolids and liquids, defects and dynamics of crystalline structure, mechanical, thermal and kinetic properties, phase equilibria and transformations;  interphase boundaries, metal surface film, structure and properties of nanoscale materials and consolidated; processing of metallic materials and its effects onmicrostructure and properties

Edition journal

Type of edition scientific

Published since 2000

Periodicity 4 times per year

ISSN 1608-1021

Language Ukrainian, Russian, English

Founder National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, H.V. Kurdiumov Institute of Metal Physics of the NAS of Ukraine

Editor-in-chief O.M. Ivasyshyn Member of the NAS of Ukraine

Executive secretary V.A. Tatarenko


Editorial Office: H.V. Kurdiumov Institute of Metal Physics of the NAS of  Ukraine, off. 1411, 36, Acad. Vernadskyi blvd., Kyiv-142, 03680,Ukraine

Tel.: (0-44) 424-1221

Fax: (0-44) 424-2561



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