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Energy, Charge and Electron Transfer Processes in Chemistry

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Kapinus E.I.


National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute for Sorption and Problems Endoecolpogy. — Kyiv : Akademperiodyka, 2016. — 135 p. — ISBN 978-966-360-322-3. — (Ukrainian scientific book in a foreign language)


The book consists of three main sections on the energy, charge and electron transfer in chemistry. The book anticipates the historical and scientific introduction. The first chapter discusses the intermolecular electronic energy transfer. In the chapter on the electronic states of EDA complexes the phenomena of charge transfer are considered. In the chapter on thermal and photochemical electron transfer kinetics and thermodynamics of processes with electron transfer, the physical model of electron transfer by Marcus discusses, the influence of the solvent on these processes is discussed including the classification of electron transfer processes.

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