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Multi-Photon Microscopy and Optical Recording

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V.V. Petrov, A.A. Kryuchyn, Ie.V. Beliak, A.S. Lapchuk


National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute for Information Recording. — Kyiv : Akademperiodyka, 2016. — 156 p. — ISBN 978-966-360-311-7. — (Ukrainian scientific book in a foreign language)


Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy shows great perspectives in study of biological structures and processes at the cellular to macromolecular scale. The rapid pace of development of all forms of super-resolution imaging techniques in recent years is expected to spur further development of novel fluorescent probes and new labeling methods as well as to extend the availability of such techniques to the wider research community. Methods of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy can significantly increase the resolution of optical lithography and recording density on the optical drives, to make them competitive with other types of media. The greatest increase in capacity optical media can be achieved with multilayer recording in optical media.

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