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Formal Means of the Simulation of Parallel processes and Systems

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Nesterenko B.B., Novotarsky M.A.


National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Mathematics. — Kyiv : Akademperiodyka, 2016. — 194 p. — ISBN 978-966-360-309-4. — (Ukrainian scientific book in a foreign language)


The book is devoted to problems of the mathematical simulation of compli­cated systems and processes that include problems of the development of the means of formalization that are able to ensure a sufficient level of similarity of mathematical models under condition of their efficient realization on modem computing facilities.

For the construction of the modern mathematical models of complicated sys­tems and processes, it is proposed to use APRO-nets. For the analytic description of complicated systems and processes, the process algebra that allows one to create models with real workload is proposed. The sample of formal description of a com­puting environment for the simulation of complicated systems and processes in cluster systems is presented.


This book can be useful to scientists, engineers and students in the field of computer simulation.

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