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Status of implementation of the provisions of “Agenda for the XXI Century” in Ukraine (2002-2012)

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Ed. L.G. Rudenko

NAS of Ukraine; Institute of Geography of NAS of Ukraine. — K.: Akademperiodyka, 2014. — 359 p. (conventional printed sheets 29.25;  published sheets 28.56). — 300 copies — ISBN 978-966-360-264-6.


The institutional, organizational, legal, economic, social, environmental and other aspects of optimization of interaction between society and nature in the territory of Ukraine, committed in the period 2002-2012 in the context of implementation of the State Summit in Johannesburg on sustainable (balanced) development and implementation of the principles of the basic paradigm of the XXI century are analyzed. The main problems and ways of their solution are examined. The Concept of Ukraine's transition to sustainable development is presented. Key findings of the development in the mentioned decade are based on the analysis of the events that occurred in the country, and versatile statistical information.

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