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Microprisms: optical parameters and monitoring

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E.E. Antonov, A.A. Kryuchyn, Minglei Fu, V.V. Petrov, S.M. Shanoilo, Zichun Le

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute for Information Recording. — K. : Akademperiodyka, 2015. — 146 p. — ISBN 978-966-360-284-4. — (Ukrainian scientific book in a foreign language).


The lighting characteristics of retroreflectors and the method for calculating their parameters was proposed. Diagnostics of optical surfaces quality have been developed, based on the analysis of the diffraction pattern that occurs during the transmission of laser radiation through the microrelief. The influence of metallization process of reflectors working surfaces on the angular diagram of light return has been investigated. The method of chromaticity-diffraction phenomena monitoring has been deve­loped using the sharpness of visual images of test objects. The dependence of images resolution on the magnitude of microprism prismatic strength has been investigated. The optimum optical parameters of diffraction-refractive achromatizating micro- prisms have been calculated.

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