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Dark energy and dark matter in the Universe. Volume 1

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Editor V. Shulga

Dark energy and dark matter in the Universe : in three volumes. — Vol. 1 : Dark energy: observational evidence and theoretical models / Novosyadlyj B., Pelykh V., Shtanov Yu., Zhuk A. — K.: Akademperiodyka, 2013. — 380 p. — ISBN 978-966-360-240-0 (vol. 1) ; ISBN 978-966-360-239-4 (general). — (Ukrainian scientific book in a foreign language).


The book elucidates the current state of the dark energy problem and presents the results of the authors, who work in this area. It describes the observational evidence for the existence of dark energy, the methods and results of constraining of its parameters, modeling of dark energy by scalar fields, the space-times with extra spatial dimensions, especially Kaluza-Klein models, the braneworld models with a single extra dimension as well as the problems of positive definition of gravitational energy in General Relativity, energy conditions and consequences of their violation in the presence of dark energy.

This monograph is intended for science professionals, educators and graduate students, specializing in general relativity, cosmology, field theory and particle physics.

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