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Dark energy and dark matter in the Universe. Volume 3

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Editor V. Shulga

Dark energy and dark matter in the Universe: in three volumes / . — Vol. 3. Dark matter: Observational manifestation and experimental searches / Vavilova I.B., Bolotin Yu.L., Boyarsky A.M., Danevich F.A., Kobychev V.V., Tretyak V.I., Babyk Iu.V., Iakubovskyi D.A., Hnatyk B.I., Sergeev S.G. — K. : Akademperiodyka, 2015. — 356 p. — ISBN 978-966-360-287-5 (vol. 3); ISBN 978-966-360-239-4 (general). — (Ukrainian scientific book in a foreign language).


This monograph is the third issue of a three volume edition under the general title “Dark Energy and Dark Matter in the Universe”. The authors discuss the astrophysical direct and indirect manifestation and properties of dark matter in galaxies, galaxy clusters and groups; the different mechanisms of energy exchange between dark energy and dark matter that expand the capabilities of the Standard Cosmological Model; the experimental search for dark matter particle candidates (including the sterile neutrinos, solar axions, weakly-interacting massive particles, and superheavy dark matter particles) using space, ground-based, and underground observatories.

This monograph is intended for science professionals, educators and graduate students, specializing in extragalactic astronomy, cosmology, theoretical physics, nuclear physics and high-energy astrophysics.

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