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Stanisław Orzechowski. Historical and Philosophical Portrait

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V. Litvinov


Stanisław Orzechowski. Historical and Philosophical Portrait / Volodymyr Lytvynov. – K.: Akademperiodyka, 2014. - 352 p.- 300 copies - ISBN 978-966-360-271-4.


Stanisław Orzechowski (1513-1566) was an outstanding Ukrainian-Polish thinker of paneuropean level. He wrote works mainly in Latin. In his works he considered and drafted solutions to important political issues: war and peace, forms of government, inter-faith relations. The introduction of Latin heritage of Ukrainian thinkers of XV - first half of XVI century into scientific use contributed to the opening of entirely new direction in the history of Ukrainian philosophy - Renaissance humanism. Orzechowski was its prominent representative. Now this topic has taken its rightful place in the textbooks "History of Ukrainian Philosophy" for higher education.

For researchers, students and a wide range of readers interested in national culture, including the history of Ukrainian philosophy.

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