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Encyclopedia of International Law. Volume 1

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Editorial board: Yu.S. Shemshuchenko, V.N. Denisov (co-chairs) and others


Encyclopedia of International Law: In 3 v.; V.N. Koretsky Institute of State and Law of NAS of Ukraine. — v. 1. A—D. — K: Akademperiodyka, 2014. — 920 p. — 300 copies. — ISBN978-966-360-273-8 (general); 978-966-360-274-5 (Vol. 1).


Encyclopedia of International Law is the first in Ukraine multivolume edition, which is an arch of systematic knowledge of public international law.


Designed for a wide range of readers interested in international public law, as well as researchers, teachers and students, state diplomats, employees of foreign policy and foreign economic sectors.

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